Current state of the project Idea
Year 2019
Range 1000 m²
“The concept of the proposed store building is based on the idea of a kind of wooden house, dressed in contemporary clothes, whose primary building block is a traditional material – wood.” Ing. Pavol Púpala Senior architect

The proposed store, with its location within the city center and in direct connection with the bus and train station, required an individual approach that would interpret the architectural requirements characteristic of the city center on an appropriate and optimal scale. An important factor in designing the proposal was not only the socio-social requirements requiring to understand the area as a complex urban public space but also the environmental aspect. The sustainable concept of the building is supported by the green roof as the 5th facade of the building.

Private investor


Architectural study



The COOP Jednota complex has the ambition, in addition to its business function, to also fulfill its socio-social function with the characteristics of a pleasant square, to which people would come not only for shopping purposes. The exterior public space consists of two smaller spaces connected by a passage through the store building. The square from the railway station will be enlivened by a functional parterre with two additional kiosks. Also, the space from Andrej Hlinka Street feels ambition in expanding the sales area from the interior to the exterior. For this purpose is proposed the COOP Jednota pavilion with the potential of a small marketplace. From the urban-spatial point of view, the mass of the pavilion follows the volume of the store building itself and thus supports the regulation of the articulation of closed street buildings as resulting from the zoning plan.

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