Architectural study

The process of creating a study is based on knowledge of the requirements, needs and habits of a client as well as knowledge of the location in which the building is located and the land orientation to the world sides. The result is drawings and visualizations of the proposed object.

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Project documentation for obtaining permits at the authorities

Project activity from FVA represents comprehensive design services for all types of constructions. Thanks to a team of experienced authorized architects and civil engineers, we can develop all stages of project documentation, i.e. from project documentation for issuing a zoning decision up to project documentation of the actual construction.

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Implementation project

The project documentation is prepared in the detail necessary for the preparation and implementation of the construction, contains a detailed cost calculation and a statement of acreage. It is the basis for the selection of the construction contractor and the definition of the construction conditions by the investor.

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FIT OUT solutions

FIT OUT solutions offer time savings as well as investment savings, which, depending on the project complexity, can reach up to 25%. FIT OUT projects are an ideal solution for clients who want to manage their investments as efficiently as possible and at the same time require consistent fulfillment of time, financial and aesthetic criteria.

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Layout solution design

The layout solution design is an analysis of the client's requirements and a proposal for a suitable solution for the arrangement of the interior space. The output is in the form of a floor plan developed in two variants.

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Interior design and study

The study of the interior presents the design based on input information and perceptions so that we meet the functional requirements to the maximum and make full use of the potential of the space according to a tangible artistic concept. The result is interior visualizations using real materials and interior elements.

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Interior project documentation

The project documentation is prepared in the detail necessary for the implementation of building modifications, technology modifications, for the implementation of atypical and typical elements and interior equipment. Defines material characteristics of surface treatments, construction and production documentation of atypical elements.

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Turnkey realization and author's supervision

The author's realization of the interior transforms the design into a perfect materialization. This is possible thanks to close cooperation with construction companies, craftsmen, and carpentry workshops. Only in this way can we guarantee that the client actually gets what we have designed, with a high emphasis on detail and technological quality.

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