Our team

The FVA company was founded in 2006 by two partners Ľubomír Fuňa and Martin Vanko to provide clients with a comprehensive range of professional architectural services, project work, and engineering activities up to the implementation of constructions. Our team gradually expanded to include other architects and authorized civil engineers of the SKSI expert professions. Thanks to close cooperation with our clients, we succeed in creating unique projects where satisfaction is based on consistent fulfillment of time, financial, and aesthetic requirements.

With the architecture from FVA, you get a real property that meets your requirements and which, with its functional design, contributes to a higher value of your investment.


Ing. Mgr. art. Martin Vanko

Authorized architect – partner


Ing. Mgr. art. Ľubomír Fuňa

Authorized architect – partner


Ing. Tomáš Martiš

Senior Architect / Studio manager


Ing. Pavol Púpala

Senior architect


Ing. Stanislava Madara



Ing. Maroš Svitek

Construction engineer


Ing. arch. Dušan Gerbiš



Ing. Andrea Mihelová

Architect / Construction engineer


Ing. Tomáš Trník

Architect / Construction engineer


Ing. Matej Čupka

Construction engineer / BIM specialist


Bc. Henrieta Horváthová

Junior Architect


Ing. Beáta Fuňová

Engineering activity