Current state of the project Completed
Year 2017
Range 320 m3
“The main requirement of the builder was to construct a building with a durable structure and a pleasant but also contemporary appearance. As the client has been operating in the region as a certified construction company for a long time, the company's new” Ing. Tomáš Martiš Senior Architect / Studio manager

The building is located in the central part of the municipality Nitrianske Sučany in the district Prievidza. The building was built on the site of the former municipal office and fire station, it has two storeys and complements the urban structure with its settlement in the central part of the municipality. Despite its administrative function, its settlement and scale fit into the existing structure of family houses. The entrances to the object are formed by embedding a part of the object’s mass.

PDP s.r.o.

Nitrianske Sučany, okres Prievidza

Stavebné povolenie, Realizačný projekt, Projekt interiéru

Stavebné povolenie


On the first floor, the disposition is divided by a central road connecting the two entrances to the building. It separates the office spaces on both floors from their other equipment. The first floor includes a meeting room, in addition to management offices. The second floor is occupied by staff offices together with their storage and hygiene facilities.

Organic coarse-grained plaster was used for the facade, which with its structured appearance changes its shade and visuality depending on the solar conditions. The street facade is dominated by twelve equally high windows with one sloping lining from the southeast side. Thanks to this modification, more light gets into the interior.

Photo: Tomáš Manina

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