Current state of the project IDEA
Year 2017
Range 2470 m²
“Creating peaceful housing for families with children in the center of the municipality is always a pleasant task.” Ing. Mgr. art. Ľubomír Fuňa Authorized architect – partner

The investment plan for the construction of the residential complex Pod Rokošom offers modern and peaceful family housing in the center of the municipality of Nitrianske Sučany. The area intended for the project is exceptional both due to its central location in the municipality and excellent access to shops.

Private investor

Nitrianske Sučany, Pod Rokošom

Urbanistický návrh

Územné rozhodnutie, Building permit


With their architectural expression, the proposed buildings occupy the overall appearance of the municipal architecture and, with the help of the materials used, they are perfectly integrated into the local development. All buildings are designed as two-storey, with its own semi-public entrance hall and private garden. On the lower floor of the family houses, there are living rooms. At the entrance, there is a utility room and toilet, wardrobe, and a staircase leading to the second floor. The living room and kitchen have free access to the terrace and garden. On the second floor, there is a night part of the house with bedrooms and sanitary facilities. The detached family houses also have a guest room located on the lower floor, also with an exit to the terrace and garden.

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