The comfort of a family house in a residential complex. The BTK investor and architects from the FVA pull for one rope

The comfort of a family house in a residential complex. The BTK investor and architects from the FVA pull for one rope

A complex of apartment buildings is being built in Záhorská Bystrica, which with its technical properties, ingenious design, and comfortable layouts brings clients high added value.

“Apartments in Karpatium Residences are not purely calculated according to the Excel spreadsheet, we along with the BTK investor insisted on the use of decent materials so that all apartments would be comfortable to live for both individuals and families of two or more," says Ing. Mgr. art. Martin Vanko on behalf of architects from the FVA, a company that provides comprehensive architectural services and design work, including authorial and technical supervision.

He along with Ing. Mgr. art. Ľubomír Fuň founded the company in 2006 and their team has grown considerably since then. "It doesn't matter the scale or typology of a building, each project has its own specifics, which we can contain with our knowledge," says Ing. Vanko. Ing. Fuňa follows up on a conversation about the high professionalism of his colleagues with the words “It is such a Renaissance activity. We combine architecture and craft, art and craft."

The construction of the residential complex Karpatium Residences was commissioned by an investor, the company BTK – housing, heat, air conditioning, which has more than 20 years of experience with the realization of modern low-energy buildings of high quality. The honesty of realization and the subsequent satisfaction of clients speak for themselves. The BTK investor and his partner FVA have a good long-term relationship. These two companies act as one and have transformed a common vision into the work – the creation of pleasant housing with added value.

Karpatium Residences consist of three four-storey and three five-storey apartment buildings connected by an underground garage, on the roof of which there is a community park. The FVA team dealt brilliantly with the placement of the entire complex in the sloping terrain as well as with the unexpected finding of a groundwater spring.

The investor insisted on the use of above-standard materials. The basic price of the apartment includes, for example, aluminum windows with heat-insulating properties exceeding the requirements of standards, cooling by means of under-ceiling and parapet fan-coil, or underfloor heating, commonly sold as an above-standard.

“We placed great emphasis on dispositions so that the rooms could be well furnished for a comfortable life. We tried to eliminate the load-bearing walls in the apartment for the greatest possible variability of rooms and the possibility of shifting partitions that do not have a static function. This has largely been achieved and the apartments, especially those on the ground floor, have elements of family houses thanks to the generous front gardens. Each room has quality daylight illumination. We were led by the idea of ​​bringing the quality to which a person is accustomed in a family house," speaks with enthusiasm Ing. Marián Jakubjak.

Ing. Fuňa adds “We solve apartments with an internal competition as if we wanted to live in them ourselves. We have different age categories in the team, each member has some personal experience, which gave the project a personal character. That's probably why we have such a great positive response."

On the issue of innovations that Karpatium Residences bring, Ing. Vanko says “Prefabricated parts speed up and refine production, whether it's cars or buildings. For us, this means extra work because we have to draw each part, with all the holes, traces, and outlets of the installations.” Ing. Jakubjak adds "For filigree elements, we use a combination of precast concrete with monolithic concrete in order to achieve a significant improvement in acoustic properties, refinement, and acceleration of construction."